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Thursday, June 11, 2009

We're SOOOO Not Ready for This...

So, while I was out painting pottery with Caleb yesterday...Micah decided he'd show his daddy a thing or two. :) Brian was on the phone with one of his merchants, and he stepped out of the living room for just a minute. When he came back, Micah was just chillin' on the chair and a half. Brian said he was just sitting there watching TV. LOL! So, we did our best to catch the act on video last night, and we succeeded.

And -- let me just tell you...we're not ready for this. As soon as we realized how he was getting up on the chair, we took it upon ourselves to rearrange the living room furniture. LOL! I don't know how we managed with Caleb and his climbing. I'm sure we were
nervous ninniesthe typical first parents who did everything by the book. But with Micah...I'm so darn scared. I'm so scared that he is going to fall off backwards or sideways and break a limb. I couldn't handle that...nope, not at all. I think I might just make a bubble and stick him in it. Anyone got any bubble making recipes? :)

Speaking of painting pottery...it was so much fun. I think the moms had more fun than the kids, so we've decided that we must plan a mom's night out so we can go paint something sans kiddos. LOL! We went here, and we will definitely show this business our support. It was such fun, and I'll have to wait to post the pictures. Caleb decided to paint something for Brian for Father's Day, so once Brian has seen it, I'll post the pictures.

***Opa -- we hope this little video of Micah Monkey cheers you up after your surgery today. We pray for a speedy and fast recovery. Get well soon so you can be up for all the fun at the beach. :) We love you!***


Sawatzky family said...

That was the cutest!!!!
It is amazing how fast they get the hang of that climbing thing!
Very sweet video! Love all that baby talk! :)

Jenny said...

Hey Sherrie- question for you! Can you leave a comment on my blog and tell me which gadget you used to add your video? I can't figure it out and I've been trying for months! Thanks!

April said...

Hello :D

I have an award for you on my Vegetable Container Garden Blog I hope you like it.

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