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Saturday, June 13, 2009

First Grade Week 2 in Review

We completed another week of First Grade. Wow...only 43 more to go. LOL! :) Here's how this week panned out:

Bible: Our Bible story was about "the coming of the Holy Spirit." The Bible verse for the week was Acts 1:8a.

Phonics & English: We continued to review colors...yellow, red, orange, and brown. Our service words for the week were "the", "come", and "this". The word families for the week were "-id", "-is", "-ed", "-et", "-en".

Handwriting: The letters W, H, D, and E were reviewed.

Spelling: Caleb completed his first ever spelling test, and I must say...the boys seems to enjoy tests. LOL! He was all excited and eager to see how well he did. He did really well. He also started a new set of words this week.

Reading: We were finally able to delve into our first reading book this week. Caleb read 3 stories, and he did a super job. Right now, he thinks they are easy, and they are. I'm sure he'll re-think that as the stories get longer in a few months. :)

Math: We finished up the first chapter and had our first Math test. Again, Caleb was all excited about the test. LOL! We started a new chapter and started revieweing 11, 12, 13, and 14. We're also reviewing ordinal position through tenth place.

Heritage Studies: This is the term BJUP uses for Social Studies. This week we talked about water and land. Caleb learned about the compass rose and directions as well.

Science: We completed our chapter on the Five Senses by learning about smelling, taste, and hearing. We even had a little taste-testing party where Caleb had to taste the four different tastes (sweet, salty, bitter, and sour). This was a fun experiment, and I think he enjoyed it.

Art: Our lesson this week focused on Imagination. Caleb had to imagine what he would draw, and then he drew it. He decided to use his Wild Animal Safari adventure as his drawing lesson. So, he drew him feeding some of the animals.

Extra Stuff: We joined some friends for a little playtime this week. We also ventured to the new Art By U. Caleb painted a special project for Brian for Father's Day.

Thanks for following us in our homeschooling adventures. Join us next week as we continue to further our minds at Childress Academy!


Musings of the Mrs. said...

How come homeschooling goes through the summer and regular school doesn't? Or is it up to the individual parent?

Karin Katherine said...

I have two first graders too. However we won't be starting the first grade until August. Until then we are doing "summer school" review and lots of fun camps. I look forward to following along with what you are doing though. It's great to have another first grade homeschool Mom's blog to read.

Sawatzky family said...

WOW! What a productive week! Sounds like real progress and real fun were had :)
This is such a treat to read as a first time homeschooling mom. Thanks so much for sharing your weeks with us.

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