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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Pool Fun

So, I broke down and bought a little baby pool today. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'd love to have a "real" pool, but that ain't happening any time soon. LOL! And -- our yard is not even close to being level enough for one of those above ground pools. So, until the
money tree in the back yard starts bloomingboys start fussing, this will do.

And of course we had to fill it up with water immediately upon putting it in the back yard. So, here are some pictures of the boys enjoying their new pool. It will surely help cool
methem off after playing outside.

Micah doing what he does best when he's in water...splashing. No, Caleb is NOT holding his nose...lol.

Micah trying to drink the water...oh well, it will build up his immunities.

Caleb pouring water on Micah...such a mean big brother. :)

Micah kept dropping this little red cup only to pick it right back up. I think he thought it was a game. LOL!

Our goofy Caleb...love his cheesiness. :)


Mighty M said...

Everyone needs a little pool, they are too much fun for the kids!

Sawatzky family said...

I agree with Mighty M. Kiddie pools are the way to go for the littles! Great pictures of your boys :)

Summer said...

We got a pool 2 weeks ago and still haven't set it up in the yard. LOL They're fun to have though!

blueviolet said...

A pool sounds so nice today when the heat index is over 100. The humidity is what gets ya!!

I'm glad they were having such a great time!

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