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Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Grade Week 1 in Review

I think I will do a weekly update for our homeschooling like I did for Kindergarten. If I find this to be too much, then I'll probably go to every other week or something like that. For now, we'll see how every week goes. Besides, it's a way for me to keep track of what we're doing as well. :)

With that all said, here's how First Grade Week 1 went:

Bible: We started a new Bible program this year. We're using the Show Me Jesus curriculum. I'm really excited about it, and Caleb seemed to enjoy it. Our Bible verse for the week was John 21:19b. The Bible story was about Peter when he denied Christ 3x.

Phonics & English: For the first few weeks, we will be reviewing all of the Kindergarten material. The theme for the first unit is God's Colorful Creation. So, this week we reviewed blue, purple, black, white, and green. Our service words for the week were "I", "a", and "here". The word families for the week were "-it", and "-in".

Handwriting: Again, we are reviewing the basic handwriting strokes for each letter of the alphabet for the first few weeks. This week we reviewed T, I, S, and N.

Spelling: This is a new subject for Caleb, and he will have a new set of words each week. Right now, he seems to be pretty excited about having a Spelling Test. We'll see how long that lasts. His list this week focuses on the "-it", "-in", and "-et" families. His memory word for the week is "here."

Reading: Again, we're still reviewing from Kindergarten. So, we continued reviewing the letters and sounds. He will start reading stories next week. I cannot wait to see how well he does.

Math: As with the other subjects, we have spent the week reviewing Kindergarten concepts. We reviewed #s 0-10. Caleb also learned the difference between even and odd numbers.

Science: We began a chapter on senses. We discussed how using our senses to figure out stuff is called science. We focused on seeing and touch this week.

Art: I actually ordered an art curriculum this year. We're using Artistic Pursuits, and it seems to be a pretty thorough curriculum. The lesson this week was about how artists compose. So, Caleb had to compose a picture. He used an Ebony pencil to draw his composition.

Extra Stuff: Like I mentioned earlier, we visited the Wild Animal Safari with friends on Wednesday (pictures coming soon). This was such a wonderful experience, and we had so much fun. Caleb was able to feed zebras, ostriches, deer, elk, buffalo, giraffes, etc. We also saw tigers, ligers, bears, wild boars, peacocks, and lots of other animals. It was a great time, and it really is something that we might consider doing yearly. If you are a local, then I highly recommend a visit. You can learn more HERE!

I hope you will continue to follow our homeschooling adventures. We'll be back next week with lots more fun things to report. So, stay tuned.


Paging Doctor Mommy said...

I am so impressed with your curriculum! If I ever decide to homeschool Reagan, I am coming to you for advice on how to do it!

Mom said...


I do believe we will have to take a day trip now. What a majorly AWESOME field trip that would be.

Did you drive through on your own or did you take the zebra bus? Or did you rent one of theirs?

Totally cool!!!

heidi said...

we love artistic pursuits...we use it too. i like it better than meet the masters. this our 6th year using it. we like applying new found knowledge and heading off to a few museums like the getty.

after conference i'll post all our selections...my hand should be out of the cast by then.

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