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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Birthday Fun

This past Sunday, the 28th, my parents and siblings came over to have a small celebration for Caleb's 6th birthday. We will be at the beach with Omi and Opa on his actual birthday, but my family wanted to get together to give him gifts and eat some cake. So, we obliged. Hey...we all like cake, right?

Caleb got lots of goodies...Star Wars action figures, Star Wars legos (notice a theme yet), some money, and some Scanopedia Animal sets. Micah even got a few goodies as well...some balls and some cars to take to the beach.

Here are some pictures, so enjoy...

Caleb is all excited about his Star Wars action figures.

Micah digging into his bag of goodies.

Micah with his new basketball (or ba in his language).

Caleb was so happy to get more Star Wars legos.

Money, money, money...he got $16.

Unwrapping more gifts...Uncle Daniel helping put the trash away.

One of the scanopedia animal sets.

Ice cream cake from Dairy Queen...yeah, I know...the candles don't match. Oh well, it's all I had.

Listening to all of us sing "Happy Birthday".

Blowing out his 6 candles...I cannot believe our oldest is soon to be SIX!!!!

Cake...yummy, yummy.

Micah still doesn't want anything to do with birthday cake...LOL!

I LOVE Ice Cream cake.

Yes, mommy, I much prefer my little crunchies over cake.


Lin said...

Gees, Sherrie--they are growing up!! They have changed a lot since you've started the blog. Sigh. I hate when they do that.

blueviolet said...

The kids are so cute and the dislike for birthday cake from your littlest is so funny!

Happy Birthday to your big boy!

Nessa said...

I am not a birthday cake fan either so i'm with the little one. Crunchies are way better! Happy Birthday a lil late Caleb, looks like it was a great time.

Devri said...

I heart the dislike of the cake!! too funny!

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