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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Work It Out Wednesday -- Week 3


Hello to all of the WORK IT OUT WEDNESDAY participants. Let me thank you all for the comments last week. Now -- I expect more link-ups with Mr. Linky this week. :) So, type up your post (even if you struggled...it's okay to admit) and join in Mr. Linky. That way others can stop by and show some encouragement. We all need it, right?!!? Thought so!

Well, after I typed up that post (I usually finish up the details on Tuesday evening), I kinda fell off the bandwagon a bit. You see...I started craving oh so yummy BAD food that night. So, I never would I cheat sent Brian out for Krystal. Yep, I LOVE Krystal...and when I need a fix, well...I need a fix. LOL! Well, I ate my Krystal, and my body didn't like me after. I never actually got sick, but my body sure felt horrible.

After that little incident, the week continued to go downhill. We didn't do any weight training until Sunday. Yep...3 days of nothing. That's just not right! But -- we kicked it into gear on Sunday. We made a renewing of our weight loss plan, and got down to business.

We also made a renewed commitment to that dreadful...oh how I hate thee cardio. Yep...you heard it here...CARDIO! We started waking up earlier so that we could get cardio done first thing before breakfast. Keep in mind...Brian is his own boss, and I homeschool Caleb. This means we do not have a "report to" hour...so we sleep until the kiddos wake us up (whether that be 7:30, 8:00, 8:30 or later). So, for us to get up do to cardio...well, that's an amazing feat there my friends. LOL! But -- getting up earlier was two-fold for me...1) I get my cardio in and it's OVER. 2) I'm able to start homeschooling Caleb by 9am {new goal}. All in all, I think it's a good plan, and we're doing well so far. But my day drags on. It feels soooo much longer, and I'm overly exhausted by mid-afternoon. But -- it's all worth it, and I LOVE being tired. LOL! Hopefully this will kick up the weight loss results.

Fitness Tip #2
  • Weight training can increase your metabolic rate. Adding three pounds of muscle will increase your resting metabolic rate by seven percent. The average woman experiences a two to five percent reduction in metabolic rate every decade. Weight training can compensate for that loss.
  • Weight training will increase your bone mineral density. Research shows that four months of strength training can result in significant increases in bone mineral density. Since women lose bone density as we go through menopause, this is an important benefit. Because of the increase of bone mineral density, weight training helps protect against fractures, “shrinking” and osteoporosis.
  • Weight training will improve your glucose metabolism. Poor glucose metabolism has been associated with adult onset diabetes. Researchers have discovered a 23 percent increase in glucose uptake after four-month program of strength training.

Anyway, on to the results of all of our efforts...
This Week: -1.5
Body Fat: +1%

***So, I'm not really happy with my body fat percentage. Brian says he can tell I'm losing weight, and he told me to ignore the scale. It's kinda hard as a woman. :(***

Here are the rules for participating:
  1. Post your own Work It Out Wednesday post on your blog. Then, come back here and sign Mr. Linky below linking to your WIOWpost...don't link directly to your blog please.
  2. Add the WIOW button to your blog. This will increase participation by spreading the word throughout bloggy land. :) **This is notmandatory, but I'd appreciate it if you'd do this.**
  3. Stop by and drop some comment love and encouragement to at least 2 fellow WIOWparticipants. Weight loss is a hard battle, and we can all use a little extra encouragement.
  4. Be sure to include your weekly weight loss and total weight loss in your post. You do NOT have to include your weight. I, for one, will NOT share my weight with the blogosphere, and I will NOT ask you to do so either.

Alright, I look forward to reading all about your weight loss results. So, come on and join the fun!

***Also, if I'm late replying or commenting today, please forgive me. We're going to the Animal Safari, and we won't be back until this afternoon.***

**If Mr. Linky doesn't cooperate, please just post a comment. I'll link you up later. Evidently, he's being very temperamental these days. It must be THAT time of the month. LOL!**


Sawatzky family said...

Way to keep on track!
Starting each day fresh is the best approach!
I did mine on my main blog this week :)

Valerie said...

You still got back in there and did it. Getting up early is real hard for me too. I pay attention to my scale but what really excites me is when my clothes are hanging. lol

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