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Friday, June 6, 2008

We've got a "thumb-sucker"

Well, it looks like we've got a "thumb-sucker" on our hands with little Micah. We've tried to soothe him with the paci, but he's managed to find his thumbs. I have to admit, at first I really didn't want him to suck his thumb. But -- if it's what will soothe him, then so be it. We'll just have to make sure that we really stress that it's only for "night-night" time when he's old enough to understand. Hopefully that will make it easier for him to stop altogether when the time comes. Right now, we'll just love how cute he is when he's sucking his thumb. It's cute to see, and he's such a cutie anyway.

His little girlfriend, Molly Morgan Hamlin, was born on Monday, May 26th. She was a whopping 9lbs, 3oz at birth. I went and met her yesterday, and she's such a cutie. It'll be sweet to watch them grow up and interact together. I hope to get some pictures of them together soon. So, keep looking.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of our 3-month-old (where is the time going???) big boy sucking his thumb.


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