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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Homeschool Week 2 in Review

Well, it's taken me longer to get this review in because it took us longer than a week to finish the lessons. Caleb started complaining of his ear hurting the Thursday before we left for Myrtle Beach. So, I ended up taking him to the doctor and taking a few days off from homeschooling. Turns out it was most likely a crick in his neck rather than any ear problems. Fortunately, it was better before our vacation.

With that said, here's a look at our last week of lessons:

Beginnings -- We were introduced to the Hunter family, and we learned about fire safety. We learned how to write letters "i and t" (uppercase/lowercase) and their corresponding sounds. He learned the beginning of the "-it" word family by learning the word "it."

Math -- We continued to review same/different, and we learned about patterns.

Music -- We learned the difference between loud and soft sounds.

Art -- We learned about secondary colors by experimenting with oil pastels.

Bible -- We reveiwed First Catechism questions 1-2, and we added questions 3-4. His two Bible verses this week were John 14:15 and Colossians 3:20 (this one is VERY important as we struggle with this sometimes).

Extra stuff -- He finished up his last session of swim lessons, and we prepared for our upcoming beach vacation. Caleb also attended a camp Monday-Friday at the Museum of Aviation titled "How Many Senses Do I Have?" He had lots of fun learning about the five senses and meeting/playing with new friends.

Caleb continues to surprise us with homeschooling. Granted, we both have our moments, but we're getting through better than we thought. Continue to keep us in your thoughts/prayers as we continue this venture.


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