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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some beach souvenirs...

Well, how can you leave the beach without a few souvenirs? Answer -- you CAN'T!!! But -- you don't have to bring home LIVING souvenirs like we did. Yep, that's right...we added to our family while we were away on vacation. No, I'm not pregnant (I think I'd SCREAM in shock being as my tubes are tied...lol). But -- we did increase our family by 3...3 HERMIT CRABS! We are now the proud owners of Tiny, Teeny, and Surfer. These are Caleb's pride and joy! He LOVES them. In fact, we all find them pretty amazing little creatures. They're pretty fun to watch. So, upon our arrival back home this afternoon, Caleb and Brian headed off to PetSmart and Walmart to pick up all the necessary supplies to create a nice little haven for our newest family members. And -- here they are...

Caleb helping get all the supplies ready for his hermit crabs.

Some of the many supplies needed to create the hermit crab haven.

Colored rocks washed and dried? Check!

Brian and Caleb pouring in the sand so the crabs have a place to burrow.

Caleb helping Brian pour in the rocks.

The haven...complete with all the necessary supplies + 3 hermit crabs.

Tiny (think that's the right one) is checking out the swimming pool.

Teeny and Tiny check out their new home.
Surfer decides to take a stroll across the bridge (this was neat to watch).
Surfer (can you tell he's active) decides to climb up the climbing wall and hang out. Teeny and Tiny look on in amusement. LOL!


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