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Friday, June 6, 2008

Homeschool Week 1 in Review

I'm hoping to post a weekly review of our homeschool experiences. Some of the stuff may be redundant, but that's okay. So, here's a look at our first week of homeschooling.

Beginnings (phonics, language, reading) -- We were introduced to the Vick Family, and Caleb learned about moving and making new friends. We reviewed the letters of the alphabet, and he even learned some new songs. He also practiced his handwriting by tracing lines of different types (slanted, curved, straight, etc.). We discussed matching shapes/objects and rhyming words as well.

Math -- This week we reviewed shapes and counting to 10. Of course Caleb was SUPER at this.

Music -- Caleb learned how to glorify God through singing and how to stand/sit when it's time to sing. He also learned a few new songs.

Art -- He learned the 3 primary colors.

Bible -- We started learning the First Catechism. This week he had to memorize the first two catechism questions (and he did a GREAT job with this new activity). He also had two Bible verses to memorize (Psalm 139:14a and Genesis 1:31a). Brian and I are both proud of his success at memorizing both verses as well.

Extra stuff -- We visited the fire station and police department. Caleb also started another swim session.

So, as you can see, we were super busy and had lots of fun. Caleb is doing really well, and we're both adjusting to this new adventure.


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