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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pavilion Nostalgia Park

Before we got to Myrtle Beach, we took advantage of some ticket savings. The tickets we purchased gave us entrance into the Aquarium, one round of Dragon's Lair putt-putt, 5 tickets at the Pavilion Nostalgia Park, one hour at MagiQuest, and one entrance into an Imax 3D movie. So, today we decided to head to Broadway at the Beach to use up the rest of our tickets.

First, we used up our ride tickets. Caleb LOVED the swings. He wanted to ride them over and over again. After riding the swings with Brian, he decided to ride the Caterpillar with mommy. This ride was soooo rough, but we both managed to make it through. Then he wanted to ride the HUGE pirate ship. So, mommy was the lucky adult supervisor AGAIN. Let me tell you...I'm not as young as I used to be, and I feel it on these darn rides. LOL! They are not the same as an adult...my stomach is not what it used to be. After finishing up on the pirate ship, he headed over to the teacups to use up his last ticket.

Next, Brian and Caleb played a round of putt-putt at Dragon's Lair. They enjoyed it, but they didn't have as much fun on this course as they have on others. Micah and I just chilled in the air conditioning for a bit.

After doing some shopping for shoes, we headed off to our IMax 3D movie. Caleb decided he wanted to watch Sea Monsters. It was right about time for Micah to eat, but luckily he ended up falling asleep. We all got ready for the movie, and it was cool at first. Caleb was so funny trying to reach out and touch the 3D objects. After a while though, he got really tired and ended up falling asleep. So, both of our boys slept through most of the movie. In fact, Brian dozed off some as well. LOL! Can you tell that we've been very active and it's starting to wear on us? LOL!

With all of our tickets used up, we headed out to grab supper at Olive Garden. But -- the wait was sooo long, so we went back to the condo. We met up with Charlie and Diane, and we all went to grab some supper. We were going to go to TGIFriday's, but their wait was outrageous as well. So, after much discussion, we ended up going back to Olive Garden. We still had to wait, but we figured we'd wait for food we KNEW we would enjoy rather than taking a chance at TGIFriday's. Our wait was worth it, because we all enjoyed our food. Then, it was back for more R&R at the condo.

Caleb and Brian getting ready to go for a swing.

Caleb and Sherrie waiting for the Caterpillar to start.

Sherrie AFTER the Caterpillar ride.Caleb and Sherrie waiting for the Pirate Ship to begin (we sat in the back).
WAY up in the air...this ride was a bit much for me in my old age.
Caleb going for a spin in the teacups.


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