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Monday, June 30, 2008

Homeschool week 3 in review

Well, we are now done with our 3rd week of homeschooling activities. Here's how this week panned out.

Beginnings -- We discussed police officers and traffic safety. Also, we made fingerprints using several different methods -- or played CSI as Brian called it. Caleb reviewed the letters "s" and "n" and how to properly write them in uppercase and lowercase. We added the word "sit" to the "-it" family, and we were introduced to the "-in" family by learning, "in", "sin", and "tin". He also learned the words "here" and "is." The use of a "period" was also introduced and discussed. Caleb ended the week by reading a book called Grandpa's Bible which used and reinforced all the words he's learned so far. We are very proud of his reading and how it's progressing.

Math -- This week we reviewed counting up to 20, patterns, and shapes. We also learned one-to-one correspondence, fewer, same, and more.

Bible -- Caleb memorized Psalm 136:1a, and he learned the 5th question in First Catechism.

Extra stuff -- Caleb and Brian have spent some time playing with and learning more about the hermit crabs. Brian's been reading on the Internet, and he lets Caleb help implement what he learns. They've changed their diet, learned to bathe them, and cleaned out the hermit crab haven. They surely are interesting little creatures, and Caleb is fascinated by them.


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