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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alligator Adventure

After playing putt-putt and eating supper, it was time to meet Dave, Wendy, Courtney, Charlie and Diane at Alligator Adventure. This place had lots of alligators (hence the name), but they also had other reptiles and a few mammals. The kids had fun, and they were even able to pet some of the reptiles. This place also houses the largest alligator in captivity (Utan), and he's HUGE!!!!

Two tiny alligators

HUGE alligator

Look at the mouth on that thing...

Another big gator Some sort of crane

Micah asleep during the alligator feeding

Baby ducks

Beautiful macaw

An albino alligator

Micah woke up just in time for the Reptile show

Caleb touching a blue-tongued skink

Caleb touching a python (he actually went for the head...silly boy).

Caleb wrestling an alligator statue.

One last picture before heading to the gift shop for souvenirs.


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