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Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Garden Harvests

Our garden production is in full swing now.  Everything is growing, and I’m having to really stay on top of all the harvesting.  Here’s what I picked a few days ago. 

Green beansIMG_5634 Giant Marconi Pepper (this is our first time planting these…I haven’t the foggiest what it’ll taste like).IMG_5636
With the recent rain, I’m sure there’s more waiting to be picked as I type.  So, stay tuned for more harvest pictures.
Now for a quick question for all of you gardening experts…why does my romaine lettuce grown in my garden not TASTE or LOOK like the romaine I buy at the store?  I’d much rather eat the one grown in the store to be honest.  So, is there a difference?  Is there a certain technique I need to use it make it look like the romaine at the store?  Any advice is greatly appreciated as this just might be our last lettuce growing season. 


bluewhitelife said...

I'm not harvesting yet, but I can't wait to be picking my own! My garden's much smaller than yours, but my basil is gonna be amazing. I just need to find out how to dry it so I can use it even when the plant isn't around anymore.

Mighty M said...

I have no lettuce advice for you - sorry - but the beans look delicious!

Lin said...

Are there different kinds of lettuce? That is what I am thinking. The rest of the harvest looks great!

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