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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cooking from the Garden

As you all know, we’ve been busy picking lots of produce from our garden.  Well, tonight it was time to cook some of it.  We had already grilled some of the squash, but I had more left to use.  I also had a pound of green beans to use.  So, this afternoon I started cooking.
First up was a squash casserole.  I had asked around for several recipes, and Brian preferred the one that our friend, Shelley, sent me.  He saw that it called for stuffing, and he was sold.  He LOVES stuffing, and I rarely cook it (my momma raised me eating dressing from scratch, and I’m spoiled because of it). 
IMG_5669 IMG_5672 IMG_5682
Next, it was time to tackle the green beans.  I wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to cook them.  Again, I asked for recipes, and I got several suggestions.  I finally decided that I would saute them with mushrooms.  So, I boiled them for a bit, and shocked them in ice water.  Then, I sauteed the mushrooms.  Once they were done, I added the green beans for the last few minutes so they could warm up. 
IMG_5671 IMG_5674 IMG_5677 IMG_5678
While I was busy indoors, Brian was outside grilling up a flat steak.  We usually use these for fajitas, but we decided we’d just grill it, slice it, and eat it along with the side dishes.  He marinated it in a homemade KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki sauce. 
Once everything was ready, it was time to serve it all up.
It was all so very yummy.  Brian and I both enjoyed all three dishes.  Caleb loved the steak, and he tolerated the squash casserole.  He didn’t care for the green beans too much.  We weren’t surprised because he’s not much of a veggie eater.  Micah didn’t want any of it because he had been busy snacking all afternoon.


Lin said...

It looks great! Can you believe the kids won't eat stuff like that?? I know mine won't. Ugh. Isn't it a good feeling to know that you grew that in YOUR garden?? :)

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