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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Second Grade Week 2 in Review

We are done with another week of 2nd grade, and I must give Caleb some credit.  He’s doing great, and he’s so much more eager to get his schooling done.  He seems to actually enjoy 2nd grade, so that’s so wonderful to see.  Here’s how our lessons went this week:
Bible:  Our memory work for the week was First Catechism Q&A 1-3.  Our topic for the week was on “God Made Me.”  We read Luke 1:39-80 to discuss John the Baptist’s birth, and to reiterate how God created each of us.
Health:  This week we discussed the importance of eating nutritious foods.  Caleb learned about milk, meat and beans, vegetables, and fruit.  I found this lesson quite helpful as Caleb isn’t fond of milk or veggies.  So this lesson helped me reinforce how important they are to him as a growing boy.
Science:  This week we discussed which foods give us energy, and we also discussed sugar.  We did a little experiment by pulling food out of the pantry.  Caleb then had to separate it into two groups:  contains sugar AND doesn’t contain sugar.  We finished the week by making a collage of different types of foods that give us energy.

Caleb figuring out where to glue his next pictureIMG_5824Finished projectIMG_5828
English:  This week we discussed exclamations and questions.  Caleb also worked on identifying the 4 types of sentences (telling, command, exclamation, and question).  We completed the week by discussing the difference between a sentence and a fragment. 
Vocabulary:  We did a few more activities to make sure Caleb knew the definitions of his words.  He finished off the two-week lesson by taking a test, and he scored 100%.
Social Studies:  Each week we will have a geography lesson in addition to the social studies lesson.  In our geography lesson this week, Caleb was introduced to the 7 continents.  In social studies, we discussed different types of communities and community helpers.
Reading:  This week we read the following books:
When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really, Angry by Molly Bang
”Camping” story from Evan-Moor
Always Copycub by Richard Edwards
Math:  Caleb spent a few days familiarizing himself with the unit bars and their colors.  We then worked on learning the addition symbols and the “+0” facts. 
Art:  Our first lesson for the week introduced the 6 elements of art (color, line, shape, form, value, and texture).  Caleb did some tracing and rubbing of different leaves in order to experiment with the elements.  Our other lesson this week introduced Caleb to the primary and secondary colors.  We used red, yellow, and blue to make orange, green, and purple.
Caleb working on his tracingIMG_5815 Finished projectIMG_5816 We started with these…IMG_5832 And made theseIMG_5830
Thanks for following our 2nd grade adventure.  I hope you will join us next week as we share more of what we’re learning.


April W Gardner said...

Hi Sherrie! School through the summer? We're taking a little break but will be back at in off and on through the summer too. Quick question for you...
How in the WORLD did you get so many followers?!
What am I doing wrong?

Lin said...

When is school out for the summer?? Or are you teaching all summer too? Sheesh, the kids are growing FAST!

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