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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Second Grade Week 3 in Review

We are moving right along here at Childress Academy.  So far we’re staying on track with our schooling, and all is going well.  Here’s how this week panned out for us.
Bible:  Our memory work this week was Romans 3:23.  The Bible story was about “The First Sin.”  We read Genesis 3:1-24 to learn more about “the first sin.”
Health:  This week we discussed different types of nutritious foods.  Caleb read about grains, vegetables, fruits, etc.
Science:  We discussed body builders this week…no, not the people…PROTEINS!  Caleb had to look through magazines and cut out pictures of proteins for a collage.

Caleb cutting out his protein picturesIMG_5879 Gluing them all in placeIMG_5886The final projectIMG_5890
English:  This week we finished up Chapter 1 by discussing alphabetical order.  Then Caleb had his first test.  We ended the week by starting our first writing chapter (Bob Jones does one chapter of English and then one chapter of writing) by discussing and using a thesaurus.
***Let me stop and give kudos to Brian.  On Tuesday, I had Caleb complete a chapter review in order to prepare for his chapter test.  Well, he bombed it.  I was so frustrated, and I started second-guessing my English curriculum choice.  I just didn’t get it.  He had all the information while we were learning about each topic, but then when it was time to review, he didn’t remember.  And – let me preface by saying we had just reviewed each concept TOGETHER before I gave him the review worksheet.  After discussing everything with Brian, he decided that he’d do another chapter review with Caleb.  So, I printed off the supplemental review, and wouldn’t you know it?!!?  Caleb aced it!  I guess having daddy come in and teach in a “different” style worked.  So, kudos to Brian for stepping in and helping me out.  I think it’s important that dads do this from time-to-time, so I think I may use his services again.***
Vocabulary:  Our vocabulary words for this unit are “accident, acrobat, alarm, bounce, enormous, gap, scoop, support, tangle, and weigh.”  Caleb did a few exercises to reinforce the definition of each word.
Social Studies:  In Geography skills we reviewed the seven continents and the state of Georgia.  In Social Studies, we discussed the United States.  Caleb learned that Alaska is the largest state and Rhode Island is the smallest state.  We also discussed a few other “state” facts.
Reading:  This week we read the following books:
Young Jackie Robinson – Baseball Hero by Edward Farrell
"A Girl’s Garden”poem by Robert Frost
Duffy and the Devil by Havre and Margot Zemach
So far, Caleb has been introduced to the genres of realistic fiction, fantasy, biography, poetry, and traditional literature (folk tales, legends, fables, etc). 
Math:  This week we worked on addition +1 and the commutative property.  We also worked on counting to 100 and skip counting by 10.
Art:  Our first lesson was on mixing colors and symmetry.  We used a butterfly pattern to discuss these concepts.  The next lesson we discussed using a paintbrush with watercolors (rinsing, loading the brush, putting down color, creating a wash, creating lines of different widths, and printing).  Caleb really enjoys art time, and I must say…I’m starting to enjoy it, too. 
Caleb putting some paint on his butterflyIMG_5870 Rubbing the paintIMG_5871 A close-up of the colorsIMG_5877 Completed projectIMG_5888Caleb experimenting with the watercolorsIMG_5892 Creating lines of different widthsIMG_5894 More “free” experimentingIMG_5896
Micah wanted to be included in my picture taking this week, so here are a few pictures of him that I snapped while we were schooling.
Micah with his mini doodle-proIMG_5881 Micah drawing a pictureIMG_5883 Look at that face…isn’t he the cutest?!!?  He thinks he’s in school, too.  Little does he know, but he’s off to preschool in the fall.  IMG_5884
As always, thanks for following our adventures in second grade.  Please stop by next week when we’ll have more stories to share!


Anonymous said...

All your posts always make me want to homeschool my non-existent kids, haha. I still have some crazy dreams of my kids knowing calculus by the end of elementary school though, so...I probably shouldn't have kids yet ;)

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