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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer Fun and Sleepovers

We have been enjoying our little break from schooling.  We’ve been having fun playing lots of board games as a family.  Brian and I introduced Caleb to the game of LIFE.  Do you remember that game?  Well, it sure has changed over the years.  Brian says he doesn’t remember the salaries being as high as they are now.  LOL!  I guess everything gets better with age, huh?!!?  And those little pink and blue people…well, they don’t stay in the cars like they used to.  It was such a pain to keep putting them back in the cars when they fell out. 
Brian introduced Caleb and me to a German game called Mensch argere Dich nicht.  Now, I haven’t the foggiest what that means, but the game is similar to Sorry.  We had so much playing that over the Memorial Day weekend. 
We’ve also had lots of fun playing the Wii.  We enjoy playing Crazy Golf…granted, we may not be great at it, but we sure do laugh and have fun!
Caleb has also experienced his first sleepover.  His best bud, Ashton, stayed over at our house on Wednesday night.  They enjoyed playing the Wii, playing Legos, playing Star Wars, etc.  They had so much fun, and they were super great, too.  I later told Naomi, Ashton’s mom, that he can stay over any time he wants.  It was a great experience…so great that they had to do it all over again on Thursday night.  LOL!  However, this time they slept at Ashton’s house.  There they got to play Star Wars, legos, and SWIM!  I foresee many more sleepovers in the future. 
Here are some pictures of the summer fun…

This is the German game that is similar to Sorry.IMG_5632 All three boys enjoying a well-rounded supper of fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, and grapes.IMG_5637 Ashton and CalebIMG_5640 Silly Micah…he had so much fun hanging with his brother and Ashton (he LOVES Ashton and his sister, Ariana).IMG_5644 Wii timeIMG_5650 Look at the intensity…Micah is all into it, too.IMG_5652 Lunch the following day consisted of hot dogs, Sun Chips, and Natural White Cheddar Puffs.IMG_5663 Micah cleaning his hands with his napkin…he’s such a Mr. Nice-Nasty.IMG_5666Ashton enjoying his lunch.IMG_5667 
How are you all enjoying your summer so far?  I hope your kiddos are having a blast, and that you are, too!


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