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Monday, June 28, 2010

Second Grade Week 4 in Review

Believe it or not, we are a little bit ahead of schedule.  However, I can’t get too happy about it.  We’re ahead of schedule for good reason…Brian and I are going away for our 10-year anniversary on Wednesday, so no schooling will get done.  We’re also leaving on the 11th or 12th to visit the Omi and Opa, so I had to move everything up for that trip, too.  It doesn’t matter though…we’re doing GREAT with keeping up with it all.  LOL!  Here’s how this week went for us…
Bible:  Our memory work this week was First Catechism Q&A 4-5.  The lesson this week was on “I should glorify God.”  We read about the good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37.  We also read Matthew 5:16.
Health:  This week we discussed the importance of having a regular time to eat.  We focused on eating a healthy breakfast and lunch.
Science:  We discussed vitamins and minerals this week.  Caleb learned which foods will give him the proper vitamins and minerals that his growing body needs.  Then he had to make a collage using pictures cut out of magazines.

Caleb sorting through the magazines to find the right picturesIMG_5906 Gluing the pictures in placeIMG_5908 Final projectIMG_5920
English:  This week we worked on the writing process.  Caleb’s first writing assignment  is to write a personal story.  We worked on one personal story together, and then he had to begin working on his own story.  This week he completed the planning and first draft.  We’ll finish the story during Week 5. 
Vocabulary:  Caleb continued to learn the definitions of his words using different activities.  He culminated the two-week lesson by taking a test, and he scored 94%.
Social Studies:  In Geography, Caleb learned the location of Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  We’ll continue to add states each week or so.  In Social Studies, we discussed the flag of the United States and what it means.
Caleb coloring in the 5 states for this weekIMG_5897 The 5 states he learned this weekIMG_5899
Reading:  This week we read the following books:
Song and Dance Man by Karen Ackerman
Always Room for One More by Sorche Nic Leodhas
”Five Furry Kittens” poem by Evan-Moor
”Elephants” article by Evan-Moor
Math:  This week’s lesson focused on addition +2.  Caleb seems to be enjoying Math U See thus far, and he’s doing really well.  I’m happy with our switch for now. 
Art:  Our first lesson allowed Caleb to paint with watercolors.  He was allowed to paint whatever he wanted; however, he wasn’t to leave too much negative space.  The next lesson focused on intermediate colors.  We used some of Micah’s crayons (we were supposed to use Chunk o’ Crayons, but I didn’t buy them) with the paper off to mix and blend colors.  I demonstrated how using different amounts of pressure with the two colors would make different shades of the “new” color.  Caleb then had time to practice the concept.
Caleb making his watercolor pictureIMG_5902  Caleb’s final projectIMG_5904 Sherrie’s final project (I do not claim to be an artist, and I don’t play one on TV.  LOL!  I just do the lesson with Caleb to help him understand the assignment, so don’t judge me too harshly please.  LOL!)IMG_5905Caleb making intermediate colorsIMG_5916 Final projectIMG_5918
I’m going to leave you with some more pictures of Micah.  It seems that every time he sees me snapping pictures of Caleb doing his schoolwork, he has to join in the action.  So, I always oblige…besides, who could say no to that cute face?!!?  LOL!
Micah “cheesing it up” for the cameraIMG_5901CHEESE!!!IMG_5909
Thanks for following our adventures here at Childress Academy.  Join us next time to see what we learn during Week 5.


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