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Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome to Second Grade

Another school year has commenced at Childress Academy.  Caleb started 2nd grade today.  Yes, I know…it’s summer break.  However, schooling year-round gives us the freedom to only school four days per week.  This enables us to have long weekends each week.  Plus, I’m not rushed to get all of our schooling in from August-May like the schools in our area.  I don’t think I’d get it all done if I had to school five days a week from August-May.  Besides, as we all know, life happens (illnesses, unexpected travel, etc), and opportunities for exciting learning adventures aka field trips and co-op always arise. 
Today was a great day, minus all the interruptions tending to Micah, UPS delivery, etc.  Caleb did well on all of his work, and he seemed to enjoy the first day of 2nd grade.  Now, let’s just hope we can stay on track and have an AWESOME year in 2010-2011.
Here is a picture of our 2nd grader and our schoolroom.  The schoolroom hasn’t changed much since last year, but I’m including the pictures anyway. 

Caleb on the first day of 2nd grade (2010-2011)IMG_5690 Right side of the schoolroom (the map of the USA is a new addition)IMG_5694 Left side of the schoolroom (the World Map is a new addition as well)IMG_5695Back of the schoolroom (notice the addition of the cursive alphabet)IMG_5696 WorkboxesIMG_5697 Teacher supply cabinetIMG_5698Art supply cabinetIMG_5699 Desk area (mainly used by Micah)IMG_5700 School table (this is where most of Caleb’s work gets completed)IMG_5702Manipulative and game cabinets (most of these items are not off-limits to Micah)IMG_5703 Extra teacher supply area (this is off-limits to Micah)IMG_5704 Reading genre posters added this yearIMG_5708 Another reading genre poster added this yearIMG_5709 More reading genre posters added this yearIMG_5710
I hope that you will follow our 2nd grade adventures.  It is my plan to post a weekly update like I have done the past two years.  So, please continue to check back to see what we’ve been learning and studying. 


Heather said...

I like your genre posters! Where did you get them?
Second grade is such a fun year. You still get to do the "fun" stuff but the student can read and write! :D

shortmama said...

With all your supplies, it looks like its going to be a fun school year!

Dusty said...

I school year-round too and while we are taking a break this summer(since I'm expecting baby #3 in 4 weeks), I plan to teach next summer. It makes it easier when we need to take time off for something else.

I love your school room!

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