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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jena the Jaguar and Her Rainforest Friends

Okay, so it’s only taken me a few months to actually put the pieces of this lapbook together.  Caleb finished it back in March or April (I honestly cannot remember now), but I just got it all compiled today.  So, here’s the lapbook that I’ve been promising for months…

CoverIMG_5615 InsideIMG_5616 Inside (center flap lifted)IMG_5617 Animal Defenses bookIMG_5619 Inside of Animal Defenses bookIMG_5620Right sideIMG_5622 Inside of Vocabulary Words bookIMG_5624 Inside of Jena the Jaguar Counting BookIMG_5626 Layers of the Rainforest (this is in the storage pocket)IMG_5627 Animals of the rainforest (this is inside the storage pocket, too)IMG_5629
***On a side note, does anyone know why Windows Live Writer would decide to flip my photos for me lately?  It’s a bit aggravating, and I can’t figure out why it’s rotating some of my photos.  ARRGGGHHH!***


Sawatzky family said...

Great lapbook!
We need to do some more of those here. The kids just love them!

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