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Saturday, May 8, 2010

First Grade Week 41 in Review

We finished up week 41 a few days ago, but we’ve been too busy for me to sit down and type up the post.  Here’s how our week went for us.
Math:  Caleb learned how to count pennies with a quarter, how to count nickels with a quarter, how to count dimes with a quarter, and how to count with two quarters.
Bible:  We reviewed all of our memory work we’ve learned thus far.  Our Bible story for the week was “Loving the Risen Savior.”  We are now finished with our Bible lessons for the year.
Vocabulary:  We added “grow, rise, mature, memory, and artistic” to our list of vocabulary terms.  This completes our first grade vocabulary lessons.
Phonics & English:  We added “guard” to our list of service words.  Caleb reviewed capitalization, punctuation, and action words.  Caleb also had to work on a story this week.  He had to go through the writing process by starting with brainstorming (we made a story web).  Then he decided which way he wanted his story to go.  He did a rough draft, and then I helped him edit it.  After the editing, he had to write his final copy.  He did a GREAT job.  I’m so proud of all that he has accomplished this year!  Here’s a copy of his completed story.
Extra Stuff:  We finished up co-op on Thursday.  The nine week session was a lot of fun, and Caleb learned a TON in all of his classes.  Here are some of his latest projects and a few pictures from the pot-luck dinner and presentation that was held on the evening of the last day. 

Elephant pencil holder that Caleb made in the Poetry class that I taught.IMG_5476 This is a pinch pot that Caleb made in his Pioneers & Indians class.IMG_5487 This is Caleb telling everyone his Indian name at the presentation dinner…Crazy Hog (yep, he made it up himself).  IMG_5483


Lin said...

I always dreaded first grade when they taught money and time in the same semester. The kids always got confused with quarters being .25 and a "quarter" used in time (15 mins). Ugh. I hope it was easier for you.

Happy Mom's day, Sherrie. You are a great mom!!! (Even if you make those poor children eat leftovers. LOL! just kidding) ;)

Susan said...

I have enjoyed so much my journey through your blog. Thank you so much for letting me visit.

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