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Monday, May 17, 2010

First Grade Week 43 in Review

We are almost finished with first grade. Well, we really have 8 days, but I’m shortening it to 4.  I’ll explain in a bit.  So, this is how week 43 went for us.
Math:  I actually ended up ditching our last few chapters of the math curriculum.  Caleb started a new chapter, and it wasn’t proving as easy as I thought it should be.  So, after some thought and some reflection, I’ve decided to change math curriculums.  With that in mind, I felt there was no need to continue the frustration; therefore, that’s why I ditched the last few chapters. 
Don’t get me wrong…Caleb has done really well in math this year.  However, I don’t think the retention is there…he’s learning enough to make good grades and get by, but I honestly don’t think he’s retaining any of the information.  So, we’ll just take a few steps back, regroup, refocus, and start a new curriculum for 2nd grade.  I’ll post more on the details of said curriculum in a few days.
Phonics & English:  We continued to work on capitalization and punctuation.  Caleb is slowly starting to remember all the rules of capitalization, but we still need to do some more work with this.
With all of this said, we’re actually done with all of our schooling except for one last Spelling chapter.  Well, he has two chapters of spelling, but I’m ditching the last one because it’s a review of the previous 5 chapters.  So, we’ll do 4 more days 3 more days of spelling (already completed 2), and then we’re DONE with first grade.  Granted, the state requires 4 more days (to make our 180), and we’ll get those in with two days of gymnastics and two upcoming field trips this week.
Thanks again for following Caleb’s first grade journey.  I’ll be posting an update on Weeks 44 and 45 shortly, so stay tuned.


SuzyQ said...

We just finished all of our work for the year about 5 minutes ago. Granted we still have 13 days left to fulfill our 180 days but the work is done. Once Caleb finishes we should have teacher party to celebrate!

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