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Friday, August 8, 2014

Week One of Learning 2014-15

Classes commenced at Childress Academy on Monday.  We had a good first week, but I’ve already made changes to one part of Caleb’s curriculum.  I’ll explain later in the post.  Other than that hiccup, it was a really good week.  Here’s hoping the remaining 39 weeks go as smoothly.

***Caleb joked that this was their mug shot, so that’s why you see the silly grin on Micah’s face.  He didn’t want to smile because you’re not supposed to smile for a mug shot.  LOL!  Smile***
Micah, First Grade Bible – Micah’s Bible lesson this week was on God Hears My Prayers.  We read Mark 1:29-39 to accompany the lesson.
Learning Language Arts Through Literature (LLATL) – This week Micah worked on initial sound of names; comprehension; writing first letter of name; and the book we used was Who Took the Farmer’s Hat? by Joan Nodset.  
***The last three pictures are Micah’s use of the letter ‘m’ to make a picture.  He chose to draw “two rockets mushed together.”***
Math – This week Micah worked on the numbers 1-5; addition facts; ordinal numbers; and story problems. 
History – This week Micah’s lesson focused on the days of Creation and the order of how God created everything.
Science – This week we began our study of plants.  We focused on living vs nonliving; the five kingdoms; the classification system; and plant and animal cells.
Caleb, Sixth Grade Bible – This week Caleb’s lesson focused on Creation of the World.  He read Genesis 1 to accompany his lesson.
Math – This week Caleb worked on more multiplying with carrying; multiplying two big numbers; carrying when multiplying two big numbers; small units of time; and division with a two-digit answer.
Reading – I’m not going to share what we did this week because this is the curriculum I’m changing.  I chose a formal reading curriculum, and it isn’t the best choice for Caleb.  So, beginning next week, we will read real novels and use study guides to work on comprehension, vocabulary, and other literary elements.
Geography – This week focused on a basic geography overview, but we did learn more about the Coastal Lowlands and Appalachian Highlands regions.
Writing – This week focused on alphabetical order.  Caleb’s writing assignment was to create a poem on a topic of choice following the guidelines that were presented (minimum of 20 words in alphabetical order).
Science – Caleb learned the same information as Micah; however, his was more detailed.  He also learned about Carl Linnaeus and more about cells. 


Lin said...

WOW! Caleb REALLY grew up!! He looks so different from last year. How was camp? Did he have fun?

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