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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clutter -- it gets old quickly

Most of my friends know that I’m quite anal and a bit OCD as well.  Back when I was a teacher, it was a joke to come in my room and “misplace” something because I’d know exactly what was moved.  I was a lot worse before I had children.  Now that I’m the mom to two we don’t care about leaving clutter all over the house boys, I’ve had to re-think and give up a lot of my anal organization and OCD.  However, when it involves my space in the school area, it eventually drives me batty, and I can’t take it anymore. 
While I know that my idea of clutter isn’t the same as everyone else’s, it’s my idea that sets me off.  LOL!  So, since I’m all about trying to be productive, I thought I’d make a purchase to help tame the clutter on the school table. 
I first read about the Staples Desk Apprentice on a homeschool site that I frequent.  It caught my curiosity, but I read that it was huge and some didn’t like it.  Well, after getting aggravated with having to move all the school books just to find the one needed at the moment, I broke down and ordered it. 
I must say…I’m in love.  It IS huge, but it’s worth the size to tame the clutter.  It holds everything (well most) that we need to make it through our school day, and the other nice perk…it has handles so it can easily be moved off the table if I need the table for other projects. 
So, if you’re trying to tame the clutter in your life, I’d highly recommend purchasing the Staples Desk Apprentice.  Caleb even says he’d like one…LOL!  I’m thinking I’ll hold off on buying a 2nd one until the need absolutely presents itself.  LOL!

School table BEFORE the clutter was tamed
School table AFTER the clutter was tamedIMG_1438
***Staples has in no way compensated me for this post.  Although I wouldn’t cry if they did so after reading this…lol.  I am just so impressed with the way this neat apparatus works, and the organization that is has brought into our school space***


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