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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Third Grade Week 11 in Review

We are moving right along here at Childress Academy.  Caleb continues to make great strides, and we’re keeping on track.  So, that’s a WONDERFUL feeling.  Here’s how week 11 went for us…
Bible – Our lessons this week were on “How Sin Came Into the World” and “What Happened to Adam and Eve”.  We read from Genesis 3:1-6 and 7-10.  Caleb’s memory verse for the week was I John 3:4.
Science – We continued to discuss ecosystems.  We how they change and what effects that can have.  We read the book World Food by Sally Morgan.
Social Studies – We continued to discuss “The English Come to America'” by watching some videos.  We watched a video on Old Point Comfort and another one on Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown.  We read First Start Biography – Young Pocohontas – Indian Princess by Anne Benjamin. 
Reading – This week Caleb read Second Grade – Friends Again! by Miriam Cohen.
Vocabulary – This week Caleb had to tackle two cumulative tests for vocabulary.  He scored 92% on the first one, and he scored 82% on the second one.  So, he’s got some reviewing to do in the future.
Math – In order to determine which level to begin with the proposed math curriculum, I gave Caleb a diagnostic test.  I’ve already ordered a different curriculum, and we’ll start it the week we return from the beach.  We’re going to try Christian Light Education for math…wish us luck. 
English – This week we focused on subjects and how they are nouns.  Caleb had to find the subject noun of sentences.  He also had to review how to write cursive letters and how to join letters to write words in cursive. 
We’re leaving today for a week at the beach.  It’ll just be the boys and myself; however, we’re teaming up with 3 other homeschool families.  There will be 4 moms and a total of 6 children (all boys except for one).  So, it’s sure to be a fun-filled week.  Let’s just pray we all come back with a wee bit of sanity.  Smile

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