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Friday, August 26, 2011

National Golf Month

Did you know that August is National Golf Month?  Well, it is, and we gathered with some of our homeschool friends to celebrate this occasion.  We met up at a local golf course, and the children were able to practice their swing.  Once they had learned the basics of swinging, they went over to the putting green to practice their putts.  Caleb and Micah had a wonderful time, and it was a great way to add in some “physical education” to our homeschool studies.  Smile
***I apologize for the quality or lack thereof with these pictures.  I’ve found it easier to just use my phone for pictures these days as opposed to lugging the big camera around.  So, that’s why they aren’t the best pictures.***

Micah playing golf…he was playing with another preschooler.IMAG0050
Caleb waiting his turn to practiceIMAG0051
Lining up to swingIMAG0052
Caleb and a friend puttingIMAG0056
Practicing his putt-putt skillsIMAG0057
Micah wants to practice, tooIMAG0058
He was having lots of funIMAG0059
Caleb did fairly well, but his patience was wearing a bit thin.  SmileIMAG0063
Great Group of Homeschoolers AND Friends254715_2319121622175_1373553067_2706924_3711391_n
How’s your golf swing?  Caleb actually did really well.  I’m hoping my dad or brother will take him some more so he can continue to practice.  Smile


Lin said...

My son joined a junior league years ago and had a BLAST! He would tee off at 5:00 a.m. and I'd go pick him up at 8:30 a.m. every Friday. It was a learning league and they taught the kids new things each week. I wonder if a golf club near you has the same thing?

Karen and Gerard said...

Golf always makes me lose my patience! I didn't know August was National Golf Month. We are hoping to go on Monday.

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