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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NOT Back-to-School Bash

This past Thursday we got together with our homeschool friends to have a NOT back-to-school bash.  Since we all start school at different times, this made more sense.  We started the day by playing some tennis.  We’re participating in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award Program, so the kids learned the basics of tennis and played a few rounds.  This was great for Caleb because he plays tennis throughout the school year, so he was able to refresh his skills.  He did really well.  Micah had fun just “playing tennis without a racquet.”  LOL!
While the kids were playing tennis, some of us adults and the other children were hanging out in the shade.  All of a sudden we heard something crash to the ground.  At first, it was thought to be a mouse.  However, upon further investigation, it was actually a baby squirrel.  It was so tiny that it’s eyes weren’t even open.  One of the moms opted to take it to the vet when we realized getting it back up into the nest wouldn’t be an easy feat.  Hopefully, the vet was able to nurse it back to optimum health. 
After the tennis, we got together for some family fun games, and then a picnic lunch.  Since we were heading to Florida and meeting Brian down in Valdosta, we opted to skip this and head on out.  I’m sure those who stuck around had a blast.  I know we enjoyed our time at the park. 


Mighty M said...

I will have to suggest a "not back to school" bash for all my homeschooling mama's around here what a fun idea!!

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