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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

All Aboard…

A few weeks ago, we met up with our homeschool friends to check out our local welcome center which happens to be at the site of an old train depot.  The boys had a lot of fun exploring all of the fun sites and checking out the old caboose.  It was a very educational trip, and they both enjoyed their visit. 

Micah and Caleb waiting patiently for our “tour” to beginIMAG0068
Some of the boys listening to Ms. Tammy share lots of information…they were frustrated by the gnats.306742_10150790543890495_643385494_21848794_2320915_n
Inside the visitor’s centerIMAG0070
Walking up to see inside the old caboose296363_10150790544405495_643385494_21848803_6105282_n
Micah inside the cabooseIMAG0072
It was hot…IMAG0075
Three flags used as signals…red, yellow, green…hmmm…I recognize those colors from something else, don’t you?300295_10150790545355495_643385494_21848821_6541313_n
Ice “chest”321621_10150790545580495_643385494_21848829_3411565_n
The old general store and barber shop301534_10150790545720495_643385494_21848832_698812_n
Taking a peek to see what’s insideIMAG0077
Listening to Ms. Tammy share some facts/informationIMAG0081
Picture timeIMAG0084
Picture timeIMAG0085


Mighty M said...

Fun trip - even if those darn gnats were in the way. I don't care for them either!! :)

Working Mommy said...

we have one of those old train depots as well! it looks like the kids had a lot of fun...hopefully mine will be able to appreciate things like that when they get older.


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