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Friday, September 9, 2011

Third Grade Week 12 in Review

We’re pretty much still right on schedule as we move through 3rd grade.  Caleb is still doing well, and he seems to enjoy his subjects for the most part.  Smile  Here’s how week 12 went for us…
Bible – Our lessons this week were on “What It Means To Be a Sinner” and “How God Gave Us His Law.”  We read from I John 1:8-10 and Exodus 19:16-19.  Caleb’s memory verse was Isaiah 53:6a. 
Science – We read Managing the Land by Sharon Dalgliesh, and Caleb started working on his Living & Non-Living Lapbook.
Social Studies – Our lesson this week was on “The Pilgrims.”  We reviewed why they left England, that they sailed on the Mayflower, and that they landed at Plymouth.  We also reviewed about the First Thanksgiving.  We read Samuel Eaton’s Day – A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy by Kate Waters, too.
Reading – Caleb read All About Owls by Jim Arnosky.  We then spent a few days reviewing sequencing stories by using some stories I downloaded from The Teacher’s File Box.
Vocabulary – This week Caleb added the words “chasm, continent, credit, enable, foul, gust, ordeal, plateau, rig, and schedule” to his list of terms.
Math – After a lot of searching, reviewing, and thinking, I finally settled on using Christian Light Education’s Light Units for Caleb’s math.  Because he was behind a 3rd grade level, I ended up ordering the 2nd grade light units.  While I hate that he’ll be behind for a bit, I’d rather he have the ability to LEARN the concepts and then catch up later.  Again, this is just another perk of homeschooling…it doesn’t matter that he’s in 3rd grade doing 2nd grade math work (which in all honesty is still above Georgia’s State Standards).  CLE works like this…each day Caleb has to do an oral section (counting a certain way, reading numbers or money, writing numbers or money, etc.), review math facts, and do a speed drill (2 minutes to answer 28 problems).  Then, we dive into the lesson.  Each lesson offers NEW concepts and then a few problems on that concept.  It will then go back and REVIEW something from the previous year and give a few problems on that concept.  There may be 2 review sections.  Then, there’s a WE REMEMBER section that he does independently to review last year’s concepts and the previous day’s/week’s concepts.  Right now, his only complaint is that it’s taking longer.  Like I told him…”I don’t care how long it takes you to do your math as long as you LEARN the math.”  So, we’ll see if his “like” for it continues.  Smile  With all of that said, here’s what he did this week.  NEW CONCEPTS – Pairs, Addends, The Ten Digits, Number Sentences, and Adding on a Number Line.  REVIEW CONCEPTS – Adding 2 to Even Numbers, 50 to 55 Minutes Past the Hour, Subtracting 2 From Even Numbers, Ordinal Numbers, Adding Four Numbers, Adding 2 to Odd Numbers, Subtracting 2 From Odd Numbers, and Reading a Pictograph.  When I type it all out, that seems like a LOT of math.  And quite frankly – it is.  However, the amount of problems he has to do on each concept is so minimal that it’s really not that bad.  I like that it’s something new with a REVIEW of previous concepts.  I’m hoping the constant review will keep him on his toes and help it all SINK in.  Just to give you an idea of their program and what a typical day looks like, here’s a sample from their website. I’m praying that we’ve finally found the right “fit” for him in math…only time will tell.  Smile
English – Caleb finished up PACE 1027 by writing more cursive words, doing some review work, and taking his test.  He’ll start PACE 1028 next week.
How’d your week go this week?  Are you enjoying cooler temps where you are?  Here in Georgia the temps have been so refreshing this week.  It’s been so nice to open the windows and turn up the air.  Smile


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