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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beach Bums

On the 27th of August, the boys and I packed up the vehicle and headed down to Panama City Beach for the week. We went with three other homeschooling moms and 4 other homeschool kiddos. So, that’s a total of FOUR moms and SIX children (all being boys except for one). Our trip down was uneventful, and we enjoyed the ride. After getting checked in and unpacked, it was time to check out the pool and beach. The winds were crazy, but nonetheless, we enjoyed a little playtime on the beach and some time at the pool/lazy river area.
Sunday found us doing the same thing as the night before, but the children added in a few games to make the time pass. Sunday night, Mari Beth, Anna (another mom and her daughter), the boys, and I headed out to enjoy a seafood dinner. While my GPS wasn’t quite cooperative, we managed to find the location and enjoyed our meal. After dinner, we decided to try to find one of the local Publix stores. Once again, my GPS decided to act all wonkers and sent us on a wild goose chase resulting in NO Publix find.
We enjoyed games, the pool, and beach again on Monday. That afternoon, we all packed up and headed out for a sunset dolphin cruise. The kids enjoyed looking at fish and ducks while we waited to board the ship. Upon boarding and seating, the captain explained that the seagulls would eat Cheetohs from your hands. Well, that was a sight…WOW! Caleb and a few others got nabbed by the seagulls, but that didn’t stop them from going back for more fun. Micah loved the boat ride, and we were all happy when we saw all of the dolphins. It was an enjoyable time, and then we headed back to the condo for a yummy supper of spaghetti and meatballs.
Tuesday found more of the same beach, lazy river, and pool activities. It was nice not having an agenda and being able to just do whatever, whenever. Smile Our other guests, Tricia and Kaleb joined us on Tuesday evening for the rest of the week.
Wednesday morning was spent back at the beach, and Micah finally warmed up to playing in the sand just a wee bit. However, he HAD to stay on the towel. LOL! After he was done with the beach, it was time to enjoy the lazy river and pool area once again. Wednesday evening, Tricia, Kale, the boys, and I enjoyed a nice dinner out at TGI Friday’s.
Thursday and Friday were more of the same fun activities; however, the beach was no closed to the public and to swimming. If you remember, this was right around the time Tropical Storm Lee decided to make an appearance. The seaweed had been disgusting all week basically, and it gradually just got worse. So, with no beach time, there was lots of pool time (which was quite okay with Micah).
Friday evening, we headed out to Hunt’s Oyster Bar to celebrate Tricia’s birthday. It’s a dive really, but it was really good food, and we all enjoyed our meals.
Saturday welcomed us with lots and lots of rain. However, since we were leaving, that was fine. We're glad we were able to enjoy a full week without rain, and everyone had a good time.
As always, when I returned home, I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation. Isn’t that always the way it is?!!? LOL!
***I don’t have hardly ANY pictures from this week of fun. Most of the time, I used my phone, and with the sand, wind, and water, that wasn’t a combo I wanted around the phone too much. So, here are the few I snapped***

This is a pig outside a general store we stopped at on the way down.IMAG0087
Caleb and Micah enjoying the poolIMAG0090
This was either naptime or bedtime…LOL!IMAG0092
The boys waiting to board the boat for the dolphin cruiseIMG_7837
Another pose before boardingIMG_7838
Jae, Micah, and Caleb on the boatIMG_7840
Silly MicahIMG_7841
One of the better shots I got of the dolphins…it was so hard to capture shots of them because they were moving, and so was the boat…LOL!IMG_7845
Bedtime…ah, sleep!IMAG0093


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such great pictures - looks and sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!!


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