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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Third Grade Week 6 in Review

We finished up week 6 yesterday, so here’s our summary.
Bible – Our lessons focused on “God Knows All Things” and “God is Three Persons.”  We read from Psalm 139:1-10 and Matthew 28:16-20.  Caleb’s memory verse was Psalm 145:3.
Science – Caleb continued working on his animal classification lapbook.  He completed several of the mini-books, and we’ll finish it up next week.
Social Studies – Our lesson was on “the search for new lands.”  We read about how the Native Americans would try to trick the explorers by sending them in search of different places.  We read about Ponce de Leon and his quest for the Fountain of Youth, Balboa and his quest, and Magellan and his voyage.  We read the book Magellan – A Voyage Around the World by Fiona Macdonald.
Reading – Caleb continued to work on finding the BEST action word to complete sentences and the sentences WITH the best action words.  He also worked on sequencing story details.
Vocabulary – He continued to review his words, and he took his test and scored 86%.
Math – This week we worked on telling time:  minutes.
English – Caleb continued to review the formation of cursive letters, and he finished up the week by taking a test on his first ACE Pace for 3rd grade.
Have you started back to school yet?  If not, when do you all start?  We appreciate those of you who continue to follow our journey.  We always look forward to sharing what we’ve learned with our blog readers. 


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