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Monday, July 25, 2011

We’re Jammin’…

Do you like Bob Marley?  Ever since we went on our honeymoon to Jamaica, I’ve loved his music.  That reggae beat just takes me back to our honeymoon, and it was so wonderful.
Anyway, I digress…this post has nothing to do with Bob Marley; however, we did make some homemade jam.  We got together with some of our homeschool friends to make blueberry jam.  Well, the boys and I went to pick more blueberries with some other friends, and I ended up making even more blueberry jam.  I also attempted to make strawberry jam which really turned out to be strawberry syrup (I don’t think my measurements guesstimates were accurate).  Regardless, they were both yummy, and there’s still more in the freezer.

Micah mashing the blueberriesIMG_7581
Caleb’s turnIMG_7582
Waiting on the sugarIMG_7583
Ready to sit for 24 hours and then freezeIMG_7588
Micah dissolving the sugar into the strawberriesIMG_7591
Caleb’s turnIMG_7592
Waiting for 10 minutes to pass…IMG_7594
Close-up shotIMG_7593
Strawberry jam syrup ready to sit for 24 hoursIMG_7595
Have you ever made homemade jam?  We did the quick, no-cook recipe, and I’ll definitely try it again.  Caleb and I are really enjoying the blueberry.  And like I said, the strawberry turned out to be a yummy syrup.  It was fabulous over cheesecake.  Smile


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