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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Third Grade Week 3 in Review

We actually finished up week 3 almost two weeks ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting the recap.  Oh well…life goes on.  Here’s how week 3 went for us:
Bible – Our lessons this week focused on “We See God’s Work” and “God Talked to People Long Ago.”  We read Psalm 19:1-7 and I Samuel 3:1-10.  Caleb’s memory verse for the week was Psalm 19:1.
Science – This week we continued to discuss different types of animals.  We learned a bit more about birds, and then we dove into mammals.  Caleb learned the different characteristics of mammals, and he learned the three groups of mammals (monotremes, marsupials, and placentals). 
Social Studies – This week we were able to read some library books that reviewed what we’ve learned thus far.  We read Little Runner of the Longhouse by Betty Baker and Aztec, Inca, and Maya by Elizabeth Baquedano.
Reading – This week Caleb read:
”What’s for Lunch” by Evan-Moor Publishing
Birds by Kevin Henke
My Teacher is a Vampire by Erica Farber and J. R. Sansavere
Vocabulary – Caleb’s words for this lesson are “attract, attraction, attractive, crew, dangle, drift, event, launch, opposite, reverse, signal, and steer”.
Math – We continued to play some review games in order to reinforce the addition facts.
English – I finally made up my mind on our English curriculum; however, I wanted to finish up with Caleb’s diagnostic test that I had started.  So, we finished that up this week.  Next week, we will start our new English curriculum which is Accelerated Christian Education PACES (ACE Paces for short).  We’ve never used ACE Paces, so I’m hoping it’s a good fit.  I also purchased a few grammar story book sets that I’m hoping will help reinforce all of the grammar concepts.
Thanks for following our 3rd grade adventure.  Caleb is doing really well; however, I’m doing horribly at keeping us on our schedule.  Oh well…that’s the joy of only having to do four-day weeks year-round.  We have plenty of time to get caught up.  We’ve just been too busy enjoying all of the activities with our homeschool group…book club, blueberry picking, butterfly/camera day, blueberry jam making, etc. (look for blog posts soon).


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