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Monday, June 27, 2011

Menu Plan Week of June 26, 2011

Let me just say…I don’t know if it’s worth it for me to keep posting these menu plans.  Half the time I don’t end up following them.  However, it is some sort of accountability.  Just not sure if it’s something I want to keep up with here on the blog…we’ll see.  I do plan to continue to plan them out on the computer though…I’ve done that for years (word document).
Here’s what’s cooking at our house this week:
Sunday – YOYO
Monday – Tacos
Tuesday – YOYO
Wednesday – Crock-Pot Chicken w/Black Beans and Cream Cheese (new recipe, and we’ll either eat it as tacos or over rice or pasta)
Thursday – Parmesan Crusted Fish, Rice, and Steamed Veggies
Friday – 11 year Anniversary Dinner OUT (sans kiddos hopefully)
Saturday – Grilled meat with salad (not sure what type of meat yeat…beef or chicken)
So, what say you?  Do you think I should keep posting my weekly menu plans or ditch the idea?  What’s cooking at YOUR house this week?


Mighty M said...

I enjoy reading your menus - keep posting them! Monday we had pasta, last night veggies and rice and fresh strawberries. Tonight it's pizza for the kids because mom and dad are going out! :)

Lin said...

It seems like we are just grilling out every day now. I love all the vegetables that you can throw on the grill along with the meats. And if it is too hot to cook--we order a pizza every so often. Summer dinners are easy, aren't they?

I don't do meal planning here, so I don't pay much attention to what you are eating. I do like to check in and see what you are up to though. :) Hope you are having a good summer!

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