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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celebrating National Yo-Yo Day

Last Monday was National Yo-Yo Day.  We weren’t able to get together on Monday, so we gathered with a group of our homeschooling friends for a celebration on Thursday.
We met up at a local park, and the children were taught how to properly use the yo-yo .  They learned the basic way to yo-yo, and they also worked on a few tricks.  All of them seemed to have lots of fun regardless of their yo-yoing skill. 
When it was all over, one of the moms gave each of the children a Yo-Yo cookie (Oreo Cakester with red twizzerls wrapped around).  Caleb gobbled his up, but Micah only wanted the twizzlers.  And – he didn’t want them to be “dirty”, so I had to make sure all the frosting was off…LOL!  He’s such a Mr. Nice Nasty…it tickles me to watch him.
Here are some pictures of our yo-yo fun. 

Caleb trying to work his yo-yoIMG_7437
All the children with their yo-yos
Micah takes a break for a quick snackIMG_7441
Caleb trying to master the techniqueIMG_7442
Caleb enjoying his yo-yo cookieIMG_7443
Micah enjoying the twizzlerIMG_7445
Have you ever celebrated National Yo-Yo Day?  We look forward to celebrating MORE National holidays with our homeschool friends this year.  Smile

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