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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Third Grade Week 2 in Review

We finished up week 2 of third grade today.  Things are still going well, and we’re slowly getting back into the routine of schooling.  Don’t worry…we’re not spending all day schooling, so Caleb still has plenty of time for fun with his friends and family.  Here’s how week 2 went for us…
Bible – Our lessons this week focused on “Our Hearts Ask for God” and “We Cannot See God.”  We read Psalm 105:1-4 and Psalm 104:1-13.  Caleb’s memory verse for the week was James 4:8a.
Science – We continued our discussion on amphibians, and we studied reptiles.  Caleb learned how to classify reptiles and the types of reptiles.  We then moved on to birds and their characteristics.  He also learned ways to identify birds.
Social Studies – This week we read about how the Native Americans lived.  We discussed the Eskimos, Iroquois, Pueblo, Mayans, and Incas.  Caleb learned how each tribe lived.  We finished the week by reading Before Columbus by Muriel Batherman.
Reading – Caleb read the following books:
Herbie Jones Sails Into Second Grade by Suzy Kline
All About Rattlesnakes by Jim Arnosky
Cinderella by Marcia Brown
Frog’s Best Friend by Marion Dane Bauer
Vocabulary – Caleb continued to study his words, and he finished the week by scoring 93% on his test.
Math – I’ve decided to take a break from new math lessons for a few weeks so we can focus on review.  This week we reviewed addition facts and making ten.
English – I’m still going back and forth on our English plans, so we’re just spending some time reviewing basic concepts.  This week we discussed alphabetic order.  I also started a diagnostic test in English so I can better understand where Caleb is struggling.  Hopefully, the results from this will help me find something to use with him this year.  I have some ideas…just nothing set in stone yet.
Thanks for following our 3rd grade adventure!  Smile  Are you all enjoying your summer?  Are you having the children do ANY school work over the summer to keep stuff fresh? 


Lin said...

I know a bit about amphibians!! Let me know what you need to know about frogs and tadpoles. :)

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