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Monday, June 13, 2011

Family Visits

Omi and Opa came to visit us back at the end of May (yeah…I know, I’m late in posting).  Even though Brian had to work most of the time, we still had a really good visit.  They flew in on Wednesday, and the boys were thrilled to meet them at the airport.  I think they really just wanted to get their hands on those delicious airplane cookies!  Smile  We spent time just relaxing and enjoying our company on Wednesday. 
Thursday, the boys and I took Omi and Opa to help us pick strawberries at a local patch.  We came home with three huge buckets of berries.  I ended up freezing two gallons of berries, and we enjoyed the rest.  Friday we did a bit of shopping, and then we just hung out at the house.
Saturday we all drove up to Hapeville to spend the day with Uncle Patrick, Aunt Darcy, and Harper.  We were all looking forward to seeing their new home, and the boys couldn’t wait to play with Harper.  Uncle Patrick and Aunt Darcy prepared a fabulous lunch for us all, and then we headed over to a neighborhood park.  The cousins all had fun playing, laughing, and playing some more.  After some more playtime back at the house and a quick supper, it was time to head back home sans Omi and Opa (they stayed and visited with Uncle Patrick, Aunt Darcy, and Harper).  Both boys crashed on the way home from all the fun.
Here are some pictures of our fun…


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