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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Zoo Atlanta

On the 16th of July, Brian decided that it was time for us to make a trip to Zoo Atlanta.  We hadn’t been since Caleb was Micah’s age, so we were overdue for a visit.  Due to the fact that it was going to cost us roughly $75+ just for the day, we opted to go ahead and spend $99 for a family pass.  Now, we can go back whenever we want for a full year…sounds like a plan to ME!  Considering how much Micah loved it, I’m sure we’ll get good use of that $$$. 
This visit was also a great homeschool educational trip.  Caleb is finishing up his study of Animals…classification, characteristics, etc.  So, this visit helped cement some of what he’s been studying the past 5 weeks.
Both of the boys had a good time looking at the animals, but Caleb would tell you…”some of the animals were a dud.”  Well, he’s right…a good many of the animals weren’t visible in their exhibits (even though this was a much cooler weekend considering the recent HEAT WAVE we’ve been experiencing…hence the reason we decided to visit and take advantage of the cooler temps).  We aren’t sure why, but Caleb was a bit disappointed.  Seeing some of their favorites made up for it though. 
Since we didn’t get there until about 2:30, the boys didn’t get to enjoy the train or the play area.  However, I’m sure they will in due time…besides, my flip flop broke near the end of our visit, so it became difficult to keep it on my foot and walk.  Oh well…it was my fault for trying to release the stroller brake with my foot…won’t do that again.  LOL!
Here are the pictures of our visit…ENJOY!


April W Gardner said...

Neato! How was the heat? I hear that it's not bad because of all the shade provided. Do you find that to be true?

Lin said...

Oooh, naked mole rats!! I like them in their little tunnels. :) I'll bet even they were hot, eh?

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