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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

B is for Blueberry and Butterfly

Back at the end of June, we met up with some of our homeschool friends to pick blueberries and learn about butterflies at a local park.  The park we met at has a splash place, so the kiddos were able to enjoy that, too.  Since it was National Camera Day, they were also able to snap a few shots using the camera.  While we were there, some local firefighters drove up, so we were also able to add in a brief fire truck visit.  To say this was a fun-filled and educational outing would be an understatement…look at everything we were able to do in such a short time.  Smile  Here are some shots of all of the fun…

Caleb enjoying the cool of the waterIMG_7498
Caleb and JaeIMG_7499
Micah (he wasn’t so sure about the sand)IMG_7500
Still trying to figure it outIMG_7505
Showing off his balance skillsIMG_7506
Posing for his mommyIMG_7508
Fire truckIMG_7509
Firefighters (Caleb took this picture…not too bad)IMG_7511
Jae, Micah, and Caleb checking out the truck and snapping a picture of me snapping a pictureIMG_7513
Most of our group (minus the rest of the parents)IMG_7515
Kiddos holding up their “favorite” butterfly pictureIMG_7517
Micah with his basket to hold the blueberries (we actually made these before picking)IMG_7518
Yummy, yummy blueberries (that were used to make jam and muffins)IMG_7519
So, as you can tell, this was a VERY fun time for everyone, and I think the kiddos all learned a good bit, too.  Smile


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