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Friday, March 25, 2011

Second Grade Week 39 in Review

We’ve got about 30 more days of school left, and I’m so ready for a little break.  We’re taking a short break next week (just a few days off), and we’ll take another one the week before Easter.  The year is slowly coming to a close.  Here’s how this week went for us:
Health – We discussed safety in the bathroom and kitchen.
Science – We discussed precipitation.  We did some experiments, and one was to fill a bowl with water and set it outside to observe evaporation.  Caleb enjoys ANY type of science experiment, so he enjoyed this.
English – This week Caleb finished up his descriptive paragraph.  As I mentioned in THIS post, we’ve been having some handwriting issues.  Well, after hearing him fuss and complain during the final draft of his paper, I decided it wasn’t worth it.  So, I did a quick typing lesson (how to capitalize, how to put spaces, and punctuation).  I then typed up 4 of his 5 sentences, and he typed the last one.  He was THRILLED.  Now, he’s on a typing kick…he wants to sit and type at his keyboard, and I couldn’t be happier.  Granted, he’s still got some learning to do (home row keys), but he’ll get it eventually.  I’m just glad to have found another way to do English when it comes time to write more.  Smile
Vocabulary – Caleb studied his words and did a few more exercises.  He finished the week with a test and scored 89%.
Reading – This week we read the following book:
Mr.  Macky is Wacky by Dan Gutman
Math – This week we focused on perimeter.  Caleb caught on really well to this, and it clicked.  So, that’s a good thing.  Smile
I hope you all had a great week in school.  We’ll be back to share more when we finish up week 40.


Mighty M said...

Math was always tough for me. Glad Caleb caught right on to perimeter! :)

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