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Monday, March 28, 2011

Publix Savings for Weekly Ad 3/23-29/11

Okay, so I did THIS post, and I explained how my first couponing experience went.  Well, I ended up going back to Publix two more times.  Rather than do pictures, I figured I’d just give you a summary for how I did for the weekly ad (mentioned in the title of this post).  From now on, I’m hoping to only make one trip for each week’s savings, but we’ll see. 
Here’s everything I bought (with and without coupons):
12 boxes/bags of Gorton’s Seafood – $26.94 ($2.25 each)
6 boxes of Caprisun Roarin’ Waters – $9.00 ($1.50 each)
9 boxes Scotties Tissue – $5.91 ($0.66 each)
12 bags Kraft 8oz shredded cheese – $4.00 ($0.33 each)
4 half-gallons of Organic Valley milk – $12.00 ($3.00 each)
1 box Organic Valley butter – $4.99
2 International Delight Coffee House Breve Creme – $3.00 ($1.50 each) **no coupon**
4 boxes Crystal Light flavor packets – $11.96 ($2.99 each) **no coupon**
Orbit gum – $1.19 **no coupon**
Sara Lee Mini Buns – $3.19 **no coupon**
Total Spent (tax included) – $86.88 Total Savings – $95.38
Percent Saved – 52.3%
So, I think I did fairly well with my first experience.  How did YOU do this week?  Any tips/tricks or websites to share with me?  Please comment and let me know!  I look forward to hearing from all of you coupon divas!


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