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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Funny Micah…

Our Micah is such a funny little guy.  He’s always goofing off trying to make others laugh.  And the things he says…oh.my.stars! 
Last night we were watching some music video on Nick, Jr.  The Backyardigans were riding horses, and he declared that he wanted a horse like that.  I proceeded to tell him that horses cost a lot of money, and he’d have to have lots of money to buy one.  So, off on a journey he went…looking for money.
This afternoon, he brought me some change.  He said, “I have money.  I can buy that horse now.”  Want to know how much money he brought me?  $0.23…ummm, you won’t get very far with that little buddy!  However, I WILL give you an A for EFFORT!  Smile
He’s such a ham!

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