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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Second Grade Week 37 in Review

We are still managing to stay on track (which I think we’ve done all of 2011), and that’s a BIG accomplishment.  It’s taking effort from Caleb and myself to do so, and I couldn’t be happier.  Here’s how last week went for us…
Bible – Our Bible story was on “Satan Is Our Enemy”, and we read from Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43.  Our memory work was First Catechism Q&A 33-34.
Health – This week we discussed safety around the water and during bad weather.
Science – We discussed the properties of air this week.
English – We reviewed using commas in a series and completed the chapter with a test and cumulative review.
Vocabulary – Caleb took the test over the words he’s been studying, and he scored 93%.  He then took two cumulative tests and scored 100% and 88%.
Social Studies – This week we discussed the new Americans…immigrants and islanders.
Reading – This week we read the following books:
Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears by Suzy Kline
Planet Earth – Who Lives in the Forest? by Lisa L. Ryan-Herndon
Math – This week we worked on column addition.  This particular chapter didn’t prove as easy for Caleb, so we’ll have to spend some additional time working on this concept.  I have no doubt that he’ll understand it with a little more practice.
The boys once again enjoyed another week at Co-Op.  I’m so thankful that we have the opportunity to get together with other home schoolers.  My home schooling friends (and those of the boys) are a HUGE blessing to us.
Look out for our 3rd grade curriculum choices…I’ll be posting about those next week sometime.


Anonymous said...

I actually was doing some online research for an assignment I have when I bumped into your blog online....congrats!it looks like you're doing a good job with your kids.....but I was wondering....I meen this the second blog I read ...both blogs have educated stay-home moms homeschooling their kids...my question and curiosity is in Why do you guys homeschool your children ....I'm new to North America,and I'm wondering why do people choose to homeschool their kids??? Good luck at it anyway...

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