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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeschooling With a Toddler…

I’ll be the first to admit…this has been a hard year for us when it comes to homeschooling.  I have had a hard time figuring out how to manage homeschooling with a rambunctious toddler under my feet.  It’s been a hard task, but luckily, we’ve hopefully figured out a way to cope with the extra set of little hands that are into everything. 
I’ve basically come to the conclusion that we have to include Micah in our schooling.  No, I’m not teaching him anything major yet, but I basically let him make the biggest mess have a go with all of the manipulatives.  He gets to play with the musical instruments, dominoes, counters of many sorts, unifix cubes, and spelling letters.  You see…we just have to let him think he’s part of the learning, and he’s good to go.  Granted, he’s mainly just tossing the stuff all over the school area, but maybe there’s something deeper going on in that brain of his.  Time will only tell…
But – we’re managing and school is getting done.  So, I think that’s all that counts.  I’m hoping it will all get a bit easier as he gets older.  But I’m sure the messes will only get bigger.
Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment:

Micah taking a break from his “schooling” to enjoy some juice.IMG_4332
Look at the mess learning that is going on here…wow, lots to learn.IMG_4335 Spelling tiles on the floor…IMG_4336Micah put his hat on and decided to go for a trip…he said, “Bye” and off he went.IMG_4340
If you have any other tips for homeschooling with a toddler, PLEASE SHARE them.  I’m open for any suggestions to continue to make this an enjoyable time for all of us.  fingerscrossed


Mighty M said...

I have no tips, but it seems like you are doing the best you can! Just a little bit extra clean up for you! ;-)

Lin said...

Give him a cookie sheet with shaving cream and let him finger paint--the clean way. This is good for a bit of time, and if he touches something, it's okay.

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness- that sort of makes me happy I'm NOT homeschooling, although I know the benefits outweigh any negatives ;-) Hang in there- you're doing a great job!!!

April said...

My Dear what you are doing with Micah is teaching him something. Much more then you may think. Some other ideas for you

When Caleb (hmm I hope I spelled that right) is writing give Micah a pencil or crayon and a piece of paper and let him "write" too.

When you read a lesson to Caleb read it to Micah too.

What ever lesson you teach Caleb try and give Micah toys that match the lesson. Because while he may not be able to do what Caleb is doing he is still listening to every word you say and learning all the while.

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