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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Windows Live Writer Test

I have heard about this from someone else, so I thought I’d download it and give it a whirl.  Let’s just see how easy it is, and if I like it.

Do any of you use this for your blog posting?  How do you like it compared to the typical blog posting method?  So far, it seems easy-peasy.  But – the jury is still out, so we’ll see. 

I am wondering though…where are the emoticons?  Someone said they were on here…am I missing it?  Oh, I’m using the Desktop version if that makes a difference.

So, share your love/hate for Windows Live Writer…


Jenny said...

I have NO IDEA what you are talking about- but you've got me interested! Maybe you could do a detailed post about it if you like it?!

Manic Mother said...

Lol did you read my blog post today? You have to add the emoticons its a plug in for Writer, look on the right hand side it will say add a plug in, thats also how you add the Twitter updates.

Mighty M said...

I love Live Writer - I use it for all my posts!! Not sure about emoticons though!! Good luck!!

Valerie said...

Love it, love it, love it!! Check out the plug ins they have lots and I do use several of them. Including the emoticons! At first I had problems with my pictures. I had to go into Picasa (where Blogger puts all of your pics) and make a folder titled Live Writer after that I have never had a problem.

Lowell and Son said...

I could not blog without it, seriously. I really hated trying to post photos thorough blogger, they were always jumbled up.

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