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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Grade Week 14 in Review

Well, we are done with another week here at Childress Academy.  It’s been a busy time of year for us, but I guess that’s a good thing.  Anyway, here’s how this week panned out:
Bible:  Our Bible story this week focused on “God Made a Wonderful Home”.  The Bible verse this week was Psalm 104:24.
Phonics & English:  This week we talked about action words (verbs).  The service words were “every, everybody, work, and done.”  We started back with word families and added the following to our list:  “-ane, –ate, –ape, –ame, –ake, –ale, –ade, –ave, –ike, –ile, –ine, –ime, –ive, –ide, –ire, and –ite.” 
Heritage Studies:  This week we continued to talk about new settlements.  We learned about Sir Walter Raleigh, Jamestown, and John Smith.  I truly hope that we are able to make a trip to Jamestown the next time we go up to visit Omi and Opa in Virginia.  I think Caleb would love seeing it and exploring all of the sites.
Math:  We continued our chapter on addition by discussing 3 addends, adding on the # line, double facts, adding with 5 (ten-frame), and names for 10.  Caleb really seems to excel in math, and he tickles me figuring out the answers to his math problems.  He doesn’t use his fingers or counters…just does it in his little head.  I think we’ve found his strong point.  smile_regular
Vocabulary:  We added “enormous, decay, volcano, skeleton, and prehistoric” to our list of vocabulary words. 
Science:  We’re taking a little break from our science book with another lapbook.  This time we’re doing Rodney Rockhound’s Rocks & Minerals.  Ever since Caleb got a collection of rocks & minerals from Grandma (it was a collection that my two brothers and nephew had when they were younger), he has been all about rocks & minerals.  This week we talked about the different vocabulary terms, safety precautions, colors of rocks/minerals, where to find them, and why people collect them.  I really think we’ve sparked a new interest for sweet Caleb.
Art:  Caleb finished up his art lessons today, but since he expressed such an interest we went ahead and signed him up for 8 more weeks.  So, he’ll start a new session next week, and I think he’s happy about that.  Today he painted a house. 
Well, we’re going to take a small break this week since Opa is visiting.  We’ll get going again next week.  As always, thanks for following our first grade adventures.

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