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Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Grade Week 12 in Review

Well, we are done with another week in first grade at Childress Academy. Let me just say…we have been so stinkin’ busy lately. I’m having a hard time keeping up with all of our activities, but I’ll post more on that later. Here’s how this week went:
Bible: Our Bible story was on “Preaching the Good News.” We continued to review Acts 16:31.
Phonics & English: We added “Bible,” “people,” “once,”
“money,” and “does to our list of service words. The English skills we discussed were: nouns, 2 syllable words, adding “-ing” and “-ed”, and the consonant plus “-le” pattern.
Heritage Studies: We finished up our chapter on Indians by discussing the Indians of the Southwest and the foods the Indians gave us. Caleb will take a test over this chapter next week.
Math: We started a new chapter on money. Caleb worked on counting dimes/pennies and nickels/pennies.
Vocabulary: We added the words “clear,” “flash,” “paddle,”
“swift,” and “wild” to our list.
Science: We finished up our chapter on plants and tested over the material. We then started a new chapter on matter. Caleb learned that matter is anything that takes up space.
Art: Caleb is still enjoying his art lessons. This week he painted a picture of a “Crayola man”, and he did a GREAT job. I’ve yet to get a picture of it, but I promise to do so.
Extra Stuff: We have been super busy with lots of extra activities. Our monthly homeschool activities started up this month, so Caleb has enjoyed skating and Boys’ Club. I’m actually leading the Littles’ Club (club for boys in PreK – 1st grades), so that is keeping me busy. We have bowling coming up this week. It’s something nearly every Friday…not to mention all the other stuff that has to get done. smile_teeth
We are also gearing up for another session of homeschool co-op, and I’m teaching 2 classes. I’m teaching an Eric Carle Carnival (lots of crafts related to his books) and Acting Up (Reader’s Theater). Caleb is taking my Eric Carle Carnival, Time & Money, and Wonderful World of Animals. It should be a fun and exciting 8 weeks. Classes start on the 24th of this month, so we’re getting everything ready to go.
As always, thank you for following our first grade adventure. We’ve really enjoyed the year, and we are looking forward to many more fun times.


Jenny said...

Hey Sherrie- I saw your question about hanging canvas, and the only thing I can think to do is roll the very top onto a small wooden dowel and then tie some string or ribbon on the two sides- then hang it on a nail by the ribbon or string. It's tough to frame the kids' stuff cuz it's always strange sizes, etc! Good luck!

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