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Thursday, September 3, 2009

First Grade Week 11 in Review

Here’s how this week at Childress Academy panned out:
Bible:  Our Bible verse for the week was Acts 16:31, and our Bible story was on “Sending God’s Servants Out.”
Phonics & English:  We added “hear, eyes, door, and floor” to our list of service words.  We discussed the following English skills:  possessive “s”, suffixes –er, –est, –ed, and –ing, and the title “Mrs.”.
Heritage Studies:  We continued our discussion of Indians.  We have discussed Woodland Indians, Plains Indians, and the Indians of the North and Northwest.  Caleb also got to make a tipi this week.
Math:  We finished up our chapter on subtraction.  Caleb really seems to enjoy math, so that’s always a plus.  smile_regular
Vocabulary:  This week we discussed the meaning of “peak, liquid, dip, shallow, and compass.”
Science:  We started a new chapter on plants this week.  Caleb has learned the three parts of plants (roots, stems, leaves), different types of leaves (broad/flat and long/thin), and he learned all about edible plants (not his favorite subject since he doesn’t care for veggies).
Art:  Caleb is still enjoying his art lessons.  I posted one of his projects here.  We’re waiting to see if any of his artwork will be displayed at the Georgia National Fair…he’d be THRILLED if he was chosen. 
As always, thanks for following our journeys in first grade!  We will share more next week. 


Mandy Jo said...

Can I ask you why you decided to homeschool!? It's something that I have always thought about doing!

♥georgie♥ said...

I am always in awe of parents that homeschool...i just dont have it together and heck my childrens dont even listen to me as it is-I can not imagine trying to 'teach' them

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