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Friday, September 18, 2009

First Grade Week 13 in Review

We are done with yet another week here at Childress Academy.  We’ve basically been schooling every day (weekends included) in order to get all caught up so we can enjoy our 4-day week.  Don’t worry, it only takes us about 2 hours each day, so Caleb is getting plenty of play and free time.  smile_teeth Here’s how this week panned out:
Bible:  Our Bible story was on “Faithfully Serving the Lord.”  We continued to review Acts 16:31.
Phonics & English:  We added “were, live, something, school, and heard” to our list of service words.  In English skills, we discussed describing words (aka adjectives) and the different sounds of the suffix “-ed” (d and t).
Heritage Studies:  We started a new chapter talking about new homes in the New World.  We are talking about settlements right now.
Math:  We started a new chapter this week, and we’re back to addition.  This week we focused on counting on 1/2, the zero principle, and the order of addends principle. 
Vocabulary:  This week we discussed the definition of “desert, bend, stump, temperature, and dusk.”
Science:  We finished up our chapter on Matter this week.  Caleb learned about the different forms of matter (solid, liquid, gas) and their properties.
Art:  Caleb painted two pictures this week during art lessons.  He worked on a bird painting and a shark painting.  He continues to do so well and really seems to enjoy this activity.
Thanks for continuing to follow our adventures at Childress Academy.  We’ll be back next time to share more of our fun times and activities.


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